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Meet Collen

The Patient

Collen, a 57-year-old woman, went through menopause 5 years ago, and never received hormone replacement therapy. She had hot flashes, waking her up at night. As a result, she was very fatigued with mental fog. Worst of all, she was so moody that her primary care doctor put her on the antidepressant Zoloft. She also had such severe vaginal dryness that she developed a urinary tract infection each time she had intercourse. Needless to say, that killed her sex drive!

Our Treatment Plan

I  treated Collen with a bioidentical hormone pellet and gave her probiotics to restore her bowel function.

The Results

When I saw Collen back in a month, she had no more hot flashes, was sleeping through the night, and her energy was much better. As a result, her mood improved. I also helped to wean her off antidepressants gradually. Her bladder infections cleared up too. She told me her husband is very happy and I saved her marriage! 🙂

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