IWC 14 Day Cleanse Kit

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Product Description

Science-Backed Detoxification in Just 14 Days

The IWC 14 Day Cleanse Kit offers a meticulously crafted nutrition program aimed at supporting efficient detoxification. Its primary protein, HydroBEEF™, stands out as a highly concentrated bone broth protein isolate. This unique protein undergoes a proprietary hydrolyzation process, resulting in peptides that are easily absorbed and assimilated by the body. For user convenience, all essential nutrients are packed into individual packets, ensuring a straightforward regimen.


  • Comprehensive detoxification support.
  • Features HydroBEEF™ for enhanced protein absorption.
  • Convenient individual packets for ease of use.

Kit Contents

  • 28 Single serving drink mix packets (DETOX PROTEIN).
  • 28 Capsule packets (DETOX AOX and DETOX AMINOS).
  • A shaker bottle.

Suggested Use

Follow the directions provided on the kit packaging. Available in strawberry-vanilla or chocolate flavors.


  • Weight: 54 oz

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