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Our Supplement Story

A Doctor's health discovery

The story of our supplements starts with a physician — working long, chronic-stress-filled hours — while also battling the symptoms of menopause. She suffered from the same ailments as some of her patients, such as gut issues, adrenal stress, and weight gain.

The physician sought answers. She found the key to treating her issues was identifying the root cause of what she lacked, and seeking ways to rebuild her health. After much research, she devised a combination of pharmaceutical-grade, clinically-proven supplements to help with her issues. 

These supplements not only helped her regain her health but have also helped thousands of patients achieve better wellness. Because each individual’s physiology is unique, she tailored these bioavailable supplements to meet the needs of each patient’s physiology. 

Our supplements are devoid of indigestible fillers, so the body readily absorbs them – starting you on the path toward a healthier, more revitalized life.

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AdrenCalm + T

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AdrenFuel + T

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Chill Pill

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InflamDetox Multi

Integrative Wellness Supplements



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Summer Chill Out Sale

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This week, we’re featuring supplements that help you with sleep and anxiety. Take a chill with the Chill Pill. Or, if you really can’t sleep try Chill Pill PM or our Melatonin. For even more benefits, try the “miracle mineral”, our Chelated Magnesium!

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