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Slaying the Menopause Dragon

A common theme for women everywhere

Menopause. Why don’t they call it menostop? Has anyone ever stopped to think what that word means? The dictionary defines menopause as the time period in which a woman’s menstrual cycle comes to an end, providing an age range of anywhere between 45 to 55.

As I thought about this further, I began to think about my own journey and the wild ride that comes with transitioning away from being a fertile myrtle baby maker. Hair, skin, and the insides all changed. Memory and energy are nowhere near what they once were. Not to mention the chassis of the car losing some of the curves, as gravity slowly wins in the fight of pulling once perky things to the ground.

But what did I gain in the pause? The short answer: A chance for a new beginning.

In the struggle of experiencing my own health changes, I began to see the beauty of how I was always taking care of others, (in womanhood that’s what we are built to do). 

For the first time, I was experiencing symptoms as a continual reminder to take better care of myself. In essence, I was birthing a new baby, a different version of me!

Does this story sound familiar?
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“Menostop” – Credit: I B Manga

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Meet Dr. Karen Sun, M.D.

As a physician, I have treated many patients in different stages of decline. But as a woman, I have walked the path of my patients personally. Early on I knew my life purpose was to help people in need.

I have dedicated my time to learning all areas of medicine to be able to understand and get to the root cause of my patients’ ailments. I’m able to listen to the physical and emotional needs of my patients and provide them with the proper tools to unlock their body’s potential for achieving optimal health and wellness.


I welcome you to explore the rich information and tools I’ve developed. Together, we can empower you to live your best chapter in life! 

Our Treatment Speciaties

How can we help you?

Hormone Imbalances

Treatments for PMS, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disfunction, menopause and andropause symptoms

Medical Challenges

Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autoimmune diseases, and digestive disorders

Age Management

Treatments to promote health and longevity, reduce signs of aging, and improve aesthetic appearance

Our Wellness Services

Our treatment philosophy drives your path to WELLNESS

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

We provide treatments to help balance your hormones naturally. Treatment involves the painless insertion of bioidentical hormone pellets just beneath the surface of the skin. These pellets, measuring the size of a grain of rice, are all-natural, biological equivalents that work in partnership with your body.

Functional Medicine

We use techniques to treat the root cause of a patient's condition without the use of pharmaceuticals. We design programs to detoxify and build, using nutrition and nutraceuticals customized to each individual's needs. We combine this with a strong focus on mind/body support to prevent or reverse physiological changes in the body.

Age Management

We use the latest technologies for comprehensive health assessments, advanced diagnostics, and personalized programs. These include smart nutrition, hormone balance, exercise, supplements, stress control, lifestyle adjustments, and innovative approaches like peptides and energy patches to meet your health objectives.

Client Testimonials

HeAR what our patients are saying

Pellet therapy works!

My stamina, mental clarity, and libido have all improved with the pellet therapy. I also have less bloating and stomach issues with the supplements Dr. Sun recommended to me.

Steven R.

Dr. Sun really listens

I am so very satisfied with my experience at the IWC. Dr. Sun really takes the time to listen to my concerns and provides great advice and feedback. She is very understanding and offers great progressive alternatives to addressing health issues. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Sun!

Sandy A.

Spread the word! Symptoms are gone!

Spread the word! I was on synthetic hormones for over 10 years with minimal improvement. I suffered from hot flashes and night sweats, disrupted sleep, low energy, and lack of libido. Pellet therapy has greatly improved my quality of life now that my symptoms are gone!”

Joyce C.

More energetic than my 30’s!

The bio-identical hormone pellet therapy has given me my life back. My marriage is stronger and I feel better and more energetic than I did in my 30’s!”

Susan V.

No more hot flashes

Tell the world about it! Women and men need to know about the bio-identical hormone pellet treatment! Dr. Sun has changed my life for the better, no more hot flashes, irritability, night sweats, depression, weight gain, and memory issues. Thank you Dr. Sun!

Terri B.

So convenient and definitely recommended!

I definitely recommend Dr. Sun’s bio-identical hormone pellet treatment to all my family and friends! It is so convenient not having to take a daily pill or worry about hormone creams rubbing off too soon before they are absorbed. I no longer suffer from recurrent bladder infections, insomnia, irritability, and memory problems.

Isa D.

I’m my “old self” again!

After suffering from fatigue, depression, low energy and un-clear thinking I tried hormone cream and patches that gave me no relief. I started the pellet therapy with low expectations and was amazed when all my symptoms disappeared. My energy increased and I felt like my “old self” once again! I highly recommend the pellet therapy to all women, there is no reason why we should “suffer” with menopause.

Marie K.

Pellet therapy is easy and painless

First, I recommend bio-identical hormone therapy no matter what type. But after trying oral medication and cream I strongly recommend pellet therapy. It is easy and painless and I only have to visit the doctor every 4-5 months!

Susan D.

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