Age Management

Better heath, a longer life-span

improve your HEALTH, not just your life-span

Age Management

One hundred years ago, the life expectancy in the United States for men was 46 years old and 48 years old for women. One hundred years later, 76 years old for men and 81 years old for women.

The leading causes of death are cardiovascular diseases and cancer. For people over 75 years old, Alzheimer’s is the 4th leading cause of death. The mortality rate of cardiovascular disease and cancer is declining, while the mortality rate from Alzheimer’s and diabetes is rising.

Reducing infant mortality rate, improving nutrition, controlling infectious diseases, and more new medical treatments are significant reasons for living longer. But who wants to live longer if you have Alzheimer’s, live in memory care, wear diapers, and do not know your loved ones? Who wants to develop cancer, get surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, and live in fear? Who wants to have a heart attack or stroke, with restricted activity levels and not able to do what we want to do?

Here comes age management medicine. Imagine you are still doing the things you enjoy in your 80s, 90s, or even 100s: hiking, dancing, traveling, laughing with friends and family, learning, reading, and enjoying life.

Age management medicine is preventive medicine that focuses on improving the health span, not just the life span.

We use modern technologies to perform extensive health evaluation, advanced diagnostic tools, and customized health-transforming programs, incorporating smart nutrition, hormone balancing, exercise, nutraceuticals, stress management, lifestyle changes, and emerging sciences, such as peptides and energy patches, to achieve your health goals!

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We integrate several age management tools into our practice, including peptide therapy.

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